Archived Exhibits 1956

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Saturday Evening Post Exhibit: Original cover Paintings and Illustrations by 23 Artists

August 3, 1951
John Atherton
James Brigham
Melbourne Brindle
Gilbert Bundy
Douglas Crockwell
Floyd Davis
Stevan Dohanos
Albert Donne
John Falter
Robert Fawcett
Glen Fleischman
Glenn Grohe
George Hughes
Fred Ludekens
Al Parker
Robert Riggs
Norman Rockwell
Amon Sewell
Albert Straehle
Ben Stahl
Harold VonSchmidt
Coby Whittemore
Mead Schaffer

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Alexander James and Michael James

June 29 – July 31, 1951
Alexander James: Drawings and Pastels
Michael James: Sculpture on Religious Themes

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Blanch Wood and Elmer W. Bartlett

September 9, 1950
Blanch Wood: Exhibition of Painted Trays and Furniture
Elmer W. Bartlett: Watercolors and Paintings on Glass

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Claire Leighton

August 5, 1950
Woodcuts and Prints
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Charles A. Platt (1861-1933)

August 15 – September 15, 1949
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Paul Sample

July 2 – August 1, 1949
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Horace Brown

September 1 – October 31, 1948
Oils and Watercolors
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