William Feasley, guitar/teorbo, Sarah Weiner, baroque oboe/recorders – Presentation of Saint-Gaudens Award to James Atkinson

Occasional Music for Early Winds and Plucked Strings

July 13, 2014
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

This concert will follow the Presentation of the Saint-Gaudens Medal to James B. Atkinson.

James Atkinson is a historian and scholar, collector and donor, Friend of the Memorial and the Park. He is author (with the late Virginia Colby) of the book Footprints of the Past, a definitive encyclopedia of Cornish Colony artists, and a colleague and collaborator with Park staff in his capacity as president of the Cornish Historical Society. A prodigious collector of Cornish Colony art and historical material, Mr. Atkinson made the Park beneficiary of a significant portion of these works, greatly expanding the Park’s Cornish Colony collection.
Mr. Atkinson and his wife, Gretchen Holm, will also be remembered for their portrayals of Mr. and Mrs. Saint-Gaudens in the 2005 production of “A Masque of ‘Ours’, The Gods and the Golden Bowl,” segments of which appear in the interpretive film about Saint-Gaudens shown at the park, and in the PBS film, Augustus Saint-Gaudens: Master of American Sculpture.

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