Bronze, 39 1/2 x 57 5/8 inches (1 x 1.47 m.)

Wayne and Virginia C. MacVeagh, 1902-3

Wayne MacVeagh (1833-1917) was the United States attorney general under President James Garfield. He graduated in 1853 from Yale University and in 1856 was admitted to the Pennsylvania bar. He was minister to Turkey and later ambassador to Italy. His first marriage was to Letty M. Lewis (died 1862) in 1856; his second, in 1866, was to Virginia R. Cameron, daughter of Senator Simon Cameron. This portrait was modeled in Washington D.C. when Saint-Gaudens, one of a committee of four, was advising Senator James McMillan, chairman of the Senate’s Park Commission to redesign the nation’s capitol. Henry Hering and Frances Grimes assisted Saint-Gaudens in the work.