Bronze, 18 1/2 inches (46.99 cm.) diameter,
collection of SGNHS 

Bronze, 22 x 10 1/2 inches
(55.88 x 52.07 cm.), collection of SGNHS

William Evarts Beaman, 1885, and Hettie Evarts Beaman, 1900

William Evarts Beaman (1881-1945) was the son of Charles C. and Hettie Evarts Beaman. "Willie" was about the same age as Saint-Gaudensí son, Homer. This portrait was presented to the Beamans in payment for rent on the house and studio the first summer that Saint-Gaudens was in Cornish, New Hampshire. Hettie Sherman Beaman (1852-1917) was the daughter of William Maxwell and Helen Minerva Wardner Evarts. Her father was one of Saint-Gaudensí early patrons. She married Charles C. Beaman in 1874. This portrait, commissioned by the Beamans, was completed in Cornish in twenty sittings.