Bronze, 27 1/2 x 49 1/2 inches
(69.85 x 125.73 cm.), Ames Free Library,
North Easton, MA




Oliver Ames, 1881/1890

Oliver Ames II (1807-1877) was a partner in the Ames Manufacturing Company, established by his father (also named Oliver). He was president of the Union Pacific Railroad from 1866 to 1868, and a director from 1871 until his death. Frederick L. Ames and his sister, Helen Angier Ames, commissioned a library in September 1877 for North Easton, Massachusetts, as a memorial to their father, Oliver. Henry Hobson Richardson was the architect. The first version of the library fireplace had a relief of Oliver Ames II in sandstone cut into the present entablature. This was modeled by Saint-Gaudens and cut by John Evans of Boston. A later bronze, cast by the Henry-Bronnard Bronze Company, was installed in 1890.