Abraham Lincoln: The Man ("Standing Lincoln"), 1884-87

Saint-Gaudens with completed clay model. Archival photo, collection of SGNHS

The setting in Lincoln Park, Chicago; bronze figure, 12 feet high 


Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) was the sixteenth president of the United States. Saint-Gaudens recalled the impression made upon him when, as a young man, he had first seen Lincoln in 1860: Lincoln stood tall in the carriage, his dark uncovered head bent in contemplative acknowledgement of the waiting people.The modeling for the figure was begun at Cornish, New Hampshire, in the summer of 1885. Saint-Gaudens used Langdon Morse of Windsor, Vermont, as his model. At six feet, four inches in height, he was the same height as Lincoln. For the head and hands, the sculptor used life casts made by Leonard W. Volk in 1860. Lincoln is modeled in a characteristic attitude, about to make a speech. The chair of state, behind, is decorated on the back with an American eagle, wings spread. Architect Stanford White is credited with the design of the setting, including the pedestal and the exedra bench. The monument is in Lincoln Park, Chicago.