Lost Reliefs


Emelia Ward Chapin, plaster,
9 1/2 x 6 in. (24.13x 15.24 cm.),
collection of SGNHS



Leonie Marguerite Le Noble, 1876-77 (plaster sketch pictured, right) Knowledge of this bronze circular medallion comes from a photograph taken in Saint-Gaudens' Rome studio (before 1878). The sitter might have been Margaret of Savoy, later Queen of Italy.

William E. Johnson, 1879 This bronze portrait plaque (9 3/4 x 6 5/8 inches, 24.77 x 16.83 cm) was described in 1908 as showing the subject with head and shoulders in profile, directed right. Dr. William Edward Johnson was a physician and the Crimean War correspondent for the New York Times. He later moved to Paris, and practiced medicine there until his death in 1886. He and his wife, Bertha Matteson, had a son, Robert M., who was born in Paris.

Emilia Ward Chapin, 1879 Emilia Chapin (1842-1922) was born in Livonia, New York. She married Chester W. Chapin, Jr., who commissioned the Puritan, in 1867. The Chapins had two children, Julia Jeannette and Pauline Antonina. Emelia divorced her husband in 1906, and eventually settled in Buena Vista, Florida. The bronze version of the plaster relief at left is unlocated.

Gertrude Vanderbilt, 1882  

Willliam Henry II and Cornelius Vanderbilt III

Leonie Marguerite Le Noble, plaster sketch, archival photograph