Lost Cameos


John Hutton Portrait Cameo, archival photograph

Heads of Ceres, Hermes, and Apollo, circa 1864-67 The three onyx cameos, inscribed "A STG" at bottom left, are set into a brooch and earrings.

Putti Head Pendant (Talman-Bigelow Cameo), circa 1864-67 A topaz cameo pendant with the head of a child in each of three insets. Inscribed "A·ST·GAUDENS."

John Hutton Portrait, circa 1867 (illustrated above) A portrait in shell of John Hutton, successful New York City merchant, was cut for his twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Head of Flora, 1867 This onyx cameo was the last cut by Saint-Gaudens at the New York City workshop of his master Le Brethon.

Mary Queen of Scots (for Augusta Homer), 1874 This engagement present was mounted as a ring.

Cuff Links, circa 1875 A pair of cuff links with double profile cameos was supposedly a gift to sculptor J.Q.A. Ward, perhaps to thank Ward for his influence with the Farragut committee.