Decorations for the Henry Villard House, 1881-83

Henry Villard (1835-1900), journalist, railroad promoter, financier, was born in Bavaria. He had transportation and utility interests, and was the owner of the New York Evening Post for twenty years. In 1881, the architectural firm of McKim, Mead, and White constructed the magnificent Villard House (actually several houses organized to appear as only one dwelling) on Madison Avenue in the Italian Renaissance style. As in the Vanderbilt House, John La Farge assembled a team of artists to decorate the mansion. The interiors are all different, with the greatest attention paid to Villardís own house, the largest residence in the structure. Saint-Gaudens and his brother Louis, who was given complete credit for the work, are responsible for the Zodiac Clock, a large fireplace at the entrance, and the magnificent dining room. The property is now the Palace Hotel. Extensive remodeling has involved changing the location of several works by Saint-Gaudens.

Bronze, 21 x 21 1/4 x 12 1/5 inches (53.3 x 54 x 31 cm.),
collection of SGNHS

Zodiac clock, Palace Hotel, New York, New York