James Gordon Bennett Cup for Schooners, 1875

The Bennett Cup was a pair of three-foot tall silver candelabra commissioned from Tiffany & Company by James G. Bennett (1841-1918), editor and publisher of the New York Herald, and for several years commodore of the New York Yacht Club. Saint-Gaudens designed the candelabra for Tiffany, with Native American figures and themes from George Catlin's North American Indian Portfolio. The commission came through Tiffany designer Edward C. Moore; Moore's brother, Thomas, was Saint-Gaudens' friend from student days at Cooper Union.

Each year of his tenure at the Yacht Club, Bennett offered at least one commodore's cup trophy as a race prize. It has been popularly assumed that Bennett used one if not both of the candelabra as the prize in 1875. The candelabra were sold at auction in 1886 for the sum of $3,500. They have not been seen since.

Silver, 3 feet (91.44 cm.) high, location unknown