Bronze, obverse,
collection of SGNHS

Bronze, final reverse
(Barber's design)

Rejected reverse 

World’s Columbian Exposition Commemorative Presentation Medal, 1892-94

Saint-Gaudens’ design for the reverse of this medal was not used, despite the sculptor’s eventual willingness to modify it. It was rejected by the United States Senate Quadro-Centennial Committee because the premature circulation of a photograph fostered criticism of the youth’s nudity. Saint-Gaudens attempted various modifications but ultimately refused to alter his design, and solicited public support for his cause. The art world supported him against the committee action, but to no avail. Saint-Gaudens made a model which eliminated the figure altogether, retaining only the inscription. This last model was the one adapted by Mint engraver Charles F. Barber for the final design. Saint-Gaudens’ design of Columbus for the obverse, however, was retained. Louis St.Gaudens assisted his brother with this commission.