Bronze, 6 inches (15.24 cm.) diameter,
private collection 

Caricature plaque of Charles F. McKim, Stanford White, and Augustus Saint-Gaudens, 1878

This is one of several caricatures made by Saint-Gaudens for his close friends, to commemorate events of importance in their lives, or simply as a reminder of a good time shared. This mock-heroic piece is a keepsake of the journey taken by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Charles F. McKim, and Stanford White to the south of France during the summer of 1878. The writing and small pictures refer to the events of the trip, many of which are "in-jokes." Some of the sites visited are recalled: Claus Sluterís "Moseís Well" in Dijon, left, and the portal of the Romanesque Church of Saint-Gilles, right. The inscription refers to places visited; other lines are references to events, with meaning only to them. The trip was important as an introduction to medieval and classical art and architecture, which would be used by all three in their careers, and it also cemented their friendship.