Elsie Ward Hering (1871-1923) was born in Howard County, Missouri. She began her art study in Denver, Colorado, continuing in New York City at the Art Students League, where she studied with Daniel Chester French. Ward became an assistant to Saint-Gaudens in 1901 in Cornish, and completed his tomb for George F. Baker after the sculptor's death. She played the role of Cupid in the 1905 Cornish anniversary masque. Ward married Saint-Gaudens assistant Henry Hering in 1910.
Louis Albert Gudebrod (1872-1961) was born in New York City, where he studied at the Art Students League with Saint-Gaudens. He was an assistant in Saint-Gaudens' Paris studio in 1897, where he worked on the bust of General Sherman, and later on the Sherman Monument.
Albert Jaegers (1868-1925) was born in Elberfeld, Germany. He came to Cincinnati, Ohio, as a boy, and was apprenticed to his father, a wood carver. He studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy and in Europe. Saint-Gaudens recommended Jaegers for the commission to create a monument to General von Steuben, which he completed in 1910.